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We are the only cyber hub that uses a visionary methodology incorporating global experts and cyber insurance to improve cyber posture.

Cyber crime is real and
its impact is expensive

In the last 12 months 46% of UK businesses reported having a cyber security attack.

Every business needs a clear Cyber Security strategy in place, to minimise the risks of being hit by a successful Cyber-attack. A Cyber incident can cause significant harm to a businesses brand, reputation and has a financial cost impact.

It can stop a business from being able to operate for days, weeks or even months and result in the loss of personal data, impacting customer confidence and hefty fines.

Don’t leave it to chance.

Keep your business protected

Improve your Cyber posture with Lockdown’s Cyber training and Cyber insurance.

The majority of Cyber attacks are caused by people. One of the best returns of investment to reduce Cyber risk is to invest in training staff, to instil a strong security culture and build a robust human firewall. Our award-winning global partners are industry recognised leaders and provide online training services together with automated monthly phishing simulations both used by many world known brands.

Cyber Insurance is complimentary to any Cyber Risk strategy, as many cyber risks can be insured. Through Lockdown’s partners we can secure widened Cyber Insurance coverage, built with your business in mind, providing you with a policy you can rely on, when you need it most.

Training Services
Cyber Insurance

Commercial View

Lockdown understands the damage caused by a cyber incident through downtime, restoration, and remediation. We continually demonstrate ROI, to support informed decision making and reduce organizational risk.

Risk Reduction

Our continual security awareness training program, combined with monthly Phishing simulations, has been statistically proven to reduce the chances of a successful Cyber-attack by 27%.

'Best of Breed' Partners

Our customers deserve the best, which is why Lockdown research and only partner with industry recognised, ‘best of breed’ brands and innovative solution technologies, saving our customers time and money.

Security awareness training programme

Take a look inside at how FireEye created an effective security awareness training program using Inspired eLearning’s security awareness training.

Cyber demystified for executives

Even though the risk posed by cyber crime is so high, executives and directors often struggle to make the link between cyber threats and their organisation. Executives need to gain a deeper insight into cyber risk and it’s potential impact on their strategic priorities, business supply chain and regulatory compliance needs.

We researched and have partnered exclusively in the UK with a world class organisation to offer a virtual Executive Cyber Awareness Program to equip executives with practical skills, tools and support they need to implement effective cyber risk management within their organisations.

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We need to understand cyber risk and how we can try to protect our businesses as far as we can. No one solution solves this problem.  We researched but couldn’t see the right strategy to help us, so we created one that non-technical leaders can easily understand.  Endorsed by Academia and technical experts.